Is C & C++ more important to other language?

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Is C & C++ more important to other language?

Post  londonwebsite on Tue Apr 17, 2012 5:19 am

It is a important question arise when we study about programming language. Because that we know many language like JAVA .NET, PHP, j# etc. All language are very important in own area's. Like JAVA and PHP mostly use for website development but .net or j# is mostly use in windows programming. So it is depend on what kind of work we are doing. But C or C++ is more important to else other. Because that without C or C++ no body can learn other kind of language. So this language is a base language of all language. So firstly, normally everyone learn basic language like C & C++. After go to other language, if anyone can have knowledge about C & C++ they can ease to learn any kind of language. So it is must to first to learn base language and then go higher level language.


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